Candice Desmet

Founder & teacher at Act’in Théâtre

Candice Desmet  (born 23 October 1988) is a French actress of Flemish origin.
She began her career in theater in Nantes where she joined the troop of Guenaël Morin (2011). With the latter, it revisits the classics by Sophocles. With a big success, she interpreted later on the scene of the Théâtre de la Bastille in Paris.

For several years, Candice Desmet connects theater and film project. She made shooting on Paris for short movies. Candice teamed up with director Stéphane Morel Mogoma, all contributing to the completion of two projects (Sakura and Level-1, 2012).

Thereafter, Olivier Corre solicits her for his video clip Sudor y Sonrisa (2012), which was widely circulated in Spain.

In 2013, Candice Desmet went to live in London. She included an improvisation troop: the FBI. She is showing every month in different theaters of London.
At the same time, she worked with director Oihanna Dachary on different projects.

In February 2014, Stéphane Morel mogoma solicits to be the lead woman role of his film “Naboru”. Candice Desmet just finished shooting the film’s release is scheduled for the end 2015.

In November 2014, she was spotted by director Jean Philippe LeCoq which incorporates in his production: Excuse My French Production. Candice Desmet was on stage for a whole week with Ludovic Moktary for a double monologue original.

Subsequently she shooted to the famous music groups like The Script or Lawson as well as commercial videos.

 It is part of the production of the theater performance: Queen’s Seed of  Sylvie Graal, the 28th of June, 2015 at Etcetera Theater.

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