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Drama teacher & personal coach

Passionate about performing arts & self-development, Marion believes in the power of physical expression and creativity to enhance our lives and improve our wellbeing. She has been training and performing in various artistic fields (singing, musical theatre & acting) in London and in France.

Marion is also a Personal Development & Career Coach. Marion believes that we all carry a gift, a potential to fulfil and that by trusting what makes us unique, we can carve our path to more meaningful lives & careers.

Read her French articles: http://medium.com/acteur-de-ta-vie

Contact Marion Le Bihan

Contact: marion@actintheatre.com
Phone: 074 3747 3116

Coaching website : dareyourdreamlife.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/marionlbcoach
Instagram : @musingsofmarion
Blog : https://medium.com/@marionlb