Brand: Forest

Weight: 4,5 Kg

Package dimensions: 47 x 41,6 x 15 cm

Items rented: Teleprompter + Custom fit Aluminium flight case.


  • • £27 a day
  • • £135 a week
  • • £540 a month



  • • The Teleprompter Kit uses an adjustable clamp to hold the iPad 1,2,3,4 & Air. This makes the kit suitable for use with all other 10″ tablets and at the same time future proofing it for any size changes to iPads.
  • • Premium 60/40 HD Teleprompter Beam Splitter Glass Acrylic Teleprompter frame Cloth lens cover hood with Velcro Adjustable bracket to hold your iPad / Tablet computer (adjust between 14cm – 20cm) teleprompter glass designed to provide the perfect balance of reflectance and pass-through without any distortion
  • • 2 x camera height adjustment riser blocks All required screws and nuts are included Custom fit Flight Case Tripod Compatibility The Teleprompter frame can be mounted on a tri-pod (standard 1/4″ screw mount).
  • • Camera Compatibility The iPad Teleprompter can be used with most MiniDV to Mid-Size HD cameras and DSLR’s. It will work if you meet both below requirements; The maximum distance between the tri-pod screw hole at base of your camera and front of lens is 20cm Your camera uses a standard 1/4″ screw mount Not suitable for iPad Mini or other 7″ Tablets
  • • Professional Quality. Custom fit Aluminum flight case. 

Notes: The iPad, tripod and camera shown in images are not included. App is not included but is required (Teleprompting Apps are available on relevant App stores).


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