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Cours de Théâtre, Improvisation et de Cinéma, en français et en anglais, à Londres.

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Saturday 22nd June 2024

End of year show (drama and improv)

In French and English.


We moved premises in February 2024! Still in the heart of London, but in bigger studios!

Here is the new address: ACT’IN THEATRE, studio 1, 82 Southwark Bridge, SE1 0AS London

Our end-of-year show (drama and improvisation) on stage on 22 June!

Come and join the students on stage for one of the biggest shows of the year: ‘Nothing is Lost, Nothing is Created, Everything is Transformed’.

Welcome to a unique and hilarious theatrical journey in which Act’in students transport you through three acts, three distinct time-spaces, in the same rehabilitated venue. Immerse yourself in a charming home, a lively commercial space and an eccentric artists’ squat, populated by colourful characters. Get ready to laugh, think and marvel at this play with an original script written by Candice Desmet.

On stage at the Tabernacle, a theatre nestling in Notting Hill, the play is performed in French and English (with surtitles).

But the evening doesn’t end there: in the second half, there’s an improvisation match (in French) to prolong the fun and laughter.

Join us on Saturday 22 June for ‘Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme’ (Nothing is Lost, Nothing is Created, Everything is Transformed), an evening where humour and humanity come together to offer a unique and memorable stage experience.

And you’ll even be able to enjoy drinks and snacks during the show!

Applause 1st part Improv show
Applause 2nd part Improv show

An Improv' show full of talent!

On Thursday 30 May, the audience at the Toulouse Lautrec put their zygomatic muscles to the test! The second edition of the Improv’ show promised guaranteed laughter… Well… the artists on stage delivered!


Congratulations to Anna, Gala, George and Jo who, under the direction of Guillaume (their teacher in the weekly improvisation workshops) presented us with a violin expert who works with his family. But also a hilarious Dutch square with feet in boxes, a child/work of art (thanks to the pair of scissors), two sports surfers (or was it rollerblading?) and waitresses on the verge of nervous breakdowns. And let’s not forget the ‘crazy town’ of ‘I am French’ with red wine, bread of all kinds, baguette or flat, and a birthday party that will live long in the memory (thanks to the cake or not!).


And the fun continued in the second half with the Parentheticals troupe. Fran, Brendan and Guillaume took us on a quest to find the smelly sock. It’s amazing what you can find in the tunnels and stations of the Northern line – just follow the ‘Ork-monica’! Hats off to the artists!


Many thanks to the team at the Toulouse Lautrec for their warm welcome and their French menu, which lived up to all its promises.


And of course, a big thank you to all the audience who came to support and clap for the artists on stage. Your applause, suggestions and laughter filled the room and warmed up the atmosphere! (pictures available here)

We look forward to seeing you very soon, so make sure you book your evening on 22 June! Drama, improvisation, in French and in English, there will be something for everyone! An evening not to be missed!



Match improp 18 mai merci
Merci match impro du 18 mai 2

What an evening at the Cervantes Theatre, with not 2 but 3 troupes taking part in the improvisation match!


LITO left Lille for the weekend with Tisha, Marie, Clara, Julien and Antoine.

The Licoeur team from Bordeaux flew to London with Lauren, Valérie, Floriane, Sébastien and François.

And all these gangs joined the Improzac with Ingrid, Meryl, Candice, Tristan and Charles.


A 3-team match for 3 times the fun, with, among other things, a prawn that becomes a lobster, the musical comedy of ‘French in London’, 7-year-old Johnny enjoying the saloon and even a weight-lifting session on the bus… in red London, of course!

It was an immense pleasure to welcome all these merrymakers, you gave us a real eyeful! Thank you for all your energy and talent!

A big thank you and well done to Ashley, our intractable referee, and to Lucas, our MC who knows no borders.


But above all, a big thank you to the audience for your laughter, your sock-tossing, your applause and your votes.

We look forward to seeing you again soon for more performances!

(All photos available here)

Improvisation match in French with 3 troupes


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Even if we’re no longer based in this little oasis, an incredible place of creation and natural habitat for many species… we must protect it for our future generations.

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Act'in workshops:

Act’in Theatre has been offering workshops for all levels since 2015!

So there’s no excuse not to “DARE” a new discipline! Small groups in a warm and relaxed environment: we play, we learn and, above all, we develop at our own pace in a friendly atmosphere!

So … GO! 🙂

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