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Their story


The Gin & Scenic adventure began in September 2022, 7 years after the creation of Act’in Theatre. The students of the troupe decided to surpass themselves! To do so, we created the Gin & Scenic troupe!

Why the name "Gin & Scenic"?

The Gin & Scenic troupe is the third troupe of the Act’in Theatre company. And it is the first English-speaking troupe! It was therefore natural that the identity of the troupe should exist with an English name.

After the Gueules de Bois, the French drama troupe of the company, what better name than a name in the festive world of cocktails to translate the joyfulness and convivial spirit of the company?

Everyone knows the Gin & Tonic, a cocktail composed of gin and sparkling tonic water poured over a large amount of ice. The ratio between gin and tonic varies according to the taste, the strength of the gin, the other mixtures added, …

Here we go! Gin & Scenic is a cocktail of personalities, games and characters that are renewed each time. Depending on the intensity of the role, the venue, the script, the mood, you are guaranteed a different and always sparkling show.

When to see the troupe?

In order to get together we created the In’Terval format which takes place every 5/6 weeks in London in a pub with a cabaret room.

In’Terval is a special format in two acts.
The first act is a theatre show performed by the Gin & Scenic troupe in a light-hearted, intimate and minimalist setting.

The second act is a long form improvisation show by the explosive troupe The Parentheticals. The audience is directly taken on board by the troupe who play their own proposals on stage for a moment of sharing filled with surprises!

For all the next dates, don’t hesitate to follow our SHOWS calendar

Our next shows:

In’terval #2

Friday 9th December

7:30 – 9:30 pm

The Horse & Stables – SE1 7RW (London)

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Need information?

Do you want to know more about the groupe?

Do not hesitate to contact Candice directly by email at, she will be happy to answer all your questions!

Or leave us a message via our contact form!

The Gin & Scenic team


Joining date: April 2019

Description: Alex is one of the British touches in the cast! He loves playing funny and strong characters in outrageous situations.





Joining date: September 2020

Description: Asia is the characters’ and ultimate frisbee’ fan!





Joining date: April 2019

Description: Lea carries her characters deep inside and releases them when she takes the stage!





Joining date: September 2020

Description: Celine is passionate about her roles, enjoys performing complex characters and is always up for a challenge.





Joining date: April 2019

Description: Matthieu breaks the rythme (the partner sometimes) during the show and creates the surprise with.





Joining date: September 2022

Description: Manuela continues on her path of discovering her character on stage.





Joining date: September 2022

Description: Inspired by one of the greatest actors in the world, Ji Chang-Wook 지창욱, here is Silvana. But… who is the real she?






Joining date: April 2018

Description: Quill and originality are the two components of Candice! The tempo of the stage, from dramatic to comical play… all this has no secret for her! The goal is to share unique and touching moments with the cast and the audience.