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English and French drama workshops

Benefits of drama courses:

Acceptance – relaxation – centrage & expression

A drama session can be a real valve of freedom and Act’in Theatre Workshop is committed to offering you the necessary means for your personal development.

Our drama programme focuses on relaxation, acceptance and self-centredness. It is two hours a week where you take time for yourself and only for yourself. It is an opportunity to work on your voice, body expression and emotions.

A Drama-Lesson Workshop: guaranteed 100% fun, 0% pressure!

English or French, the choice is yours!

Acting in your mother tongue or immersing yourself in a new culture, the theatrical adventure has no borders… so no more excuses!

Benefits of choosing drama

You will have the opportunity to :

  • let off steam,
  • have fun,
  • express yourself freely,
  • to accept yourself completely and without restraint.

During the year our objective will be to :

  • develop your game,
  • help you progress while respecting your rhythm and your desires,
  • help you to take up certain challenges,
  • create a close-knit and enthusiastic group.

The points addressed during the year :

  • breathing,
  • concentration,
  • working on collective confidence,
  • interaction with other students,
  • the voice in all its forms,
  • awareness of a space and how to inhabit it by one’s presence,
  • working on emotions: how to control them and tame them,
  • how to read a script,
  • interpret a text from different angles,
  • how to work on the staging.

You will soon be surprised of yourself!

Prerequisites to participate in the Drama Workshop:

The Drama Workshop for adults does not require any particular experience. It is sufficient to be over 18 years old and to have the desire to participate.

Students must commit to a certain level of attendance. Indeed, drama is an adventure that is lived in a group. In order to facilitate the cohesion of the group and the integration of the different students, we thank you for limiting your absences to a minimum.


Days: Monday to Saturday, choose the time slot that suits you best!


  • 6:45-9:00 pm (weekdays)
  • 1:30-3:30 pm (Saturday)

Students per group: 8 max.

Location: Studio 5, Old Paradise Yard 20 Carlisle Lane – London SE1 7LG
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Price: £330/term

Next enrolment : First term 2022-2023 (19/09/2022 – 16/12/2022).


Courses 1st term 2022-2023 :

Monday, level 1 & 2, in French, 18:45-21:00 with Candice Desmet

Tuesday, level 3, in French, 6.45-9pm with Candice Desmet

Tuesday, level 1, in English, 6.45-9pm teacher TBC

Wednesday, level 3, in French, 6.45pm-9pm with Candice Desmet

Thursday, level 1, in French, 18h45-21h with Candice Desmet

Friday, level 3, in English, 18h45-21h with Candice Desmet

Saturday, level 1 & 2, in French, 1:30-3:30 pm with Candice Desmet

Terms 2022/2023:

1st term: from 19/09/22 to 16/12/22


Do not hesitate to contact us: , if you have any questions. Thanks!

Need more info?

Would you like to know more about this workshop?

Don’t hesitate to contact Candice directly by email at, she will be happy to answer all your questions!

Or leave us a message via our contact form!


Adult classes for the first term: 19/09/22 – 16/12/22

* Level 1: First year with Act’in _____ Level 2: Second year with Act’in _____ Level 3 (troupe): Have done at least one year with Act’in.


in French 🇫🇷

6:45-9:00 pm

Level 1/2


in English 🇬🇧

6:45-9:00 pm

Level 1


in French 🇫🇷

6:45-9:00 pm

Level 3


in French 🇫🇷

6:45-9:00 pm

Level 3


in French 🇫🇷

6:45-9:00 pm

Level 1


in English 🇬🇧

6:45-9:00 pm

Level 3


in French 🇫🇷

1:30-3:30 pm

Level 1/2

Interested in a full course? Contact us by email to be put on the waiting list. You will be contacted in priority for the next re-enrolment.