Improvisation workshop


The keywords: Expression and creativity!

We have all a point of madness which sleep on us. Stop to curb our imagination and our expression, let us accept our ideas, our creativity in expressing them on stage with other improvisers during the improvisation workshop!

This impro’ workshop, always in good mood and in relax, will allows you to learn the improvisation techniques.

Moreover, you will learn to stimulate your imagination, you will see the rules of improvisation match and the various themes.

To conclude, the improvisation workshop is good for everyone because it will allow you to reveal your bodylanguage and your oral expression, self-confidence, your creativity and reveal the unpredictable characters who sleep in you.

2h per week to let off steam, to express, to stimulate and 100% of assumed madness…. Let’s go for the impro’!

French or English, you have the choice!

Playing in your mother tongue or immersing yourself in the new culture, the improvisation has no borders… so no more excuses!

Benefits of choosing the improvisation workshop

You will have the opportunity to :

  • Lett of steam,
  • Have fun,
  • Freedom Express,
  • Stimulate your imagination,
  • Accept yourself fully and without reserve.

During the year, our purpose will be to :

  • Stimulate your creativity,
  • Make grow up your confidence in accepting your own ideas: pull them off,
  • Control improvisation rules,
  • Experiment the different staging of improvisation,
  • Create a tight-knit and enthusiastic group.

The key points discussed during the year :

  • Improvisation,
  • To work on the collective confidence,
  • Interacts with other students,
  • Voice techniques,
  • To be aware of the space and how to live in it by his presence,
  • To work on his characters,
  • To stimulate his creativity,
  • To accept his ideas,
  • To apply improvisation rules.


This Impro’ Workshop is dedicated to teens and adults, motivated by the play, the creation and expression.

Also, your full commitment is both beneficial and necessary for the spirit of your new drama group. Cohesion and integration are essential to your personal development so absenteeism needs to be at a minimum.


When: Saturdays (except the last of the month)

  • 10am-noon : Improzac troop
  • 12:30-2:30 pm: Improvisation workshop in English (open 2021/2022)
  • 3pm – 5pm : Improvisation workshop in French

Group size: 6 students max.

Where: Studio 5, Old Paradise Yard
20 Carlisle Lane SE1 7LG
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Price: £180/term

Next enrolment: Enrolment for the second term


Term 2020/2021:

  • 1st term: from 21/09/20 to 18/12/20
  • 2nd term: Due to the lockdown, the second trimester is postponed: 29/03/21 – 20/06/21
  • 3rd term: TBC

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- Enrolment for the second term (Due to the lockdown, the second trimester is postponed: 29/03/21 - 20/06/21)

* Level 1: First year in Act’in _____  Level 2: Second year in Act’in _____  Improzac troupe: Has to be at least a year in Act’in