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Drama workshop in London and in French for children!

A moment of expression, creativity and 100% fun with our French drama courses!

Third term 22/04/23 – 01/07/23

Programme: Drama classes
Time: 10-11 am (for 4-8 years old) & 11.15-12.15 pm (for 8-11 years old)
Date: Every Saturday except: Saturday 27 May & 3rd June 2023.
Address: Kentish Town congregational Church, Kelly Street, NW18PH London (Kentish town or Camden road Station)
Language: French
Level: 1
Teacher: The P’tit Act’ team (see team)
Registration: for the term (Third term 22/04/23 – 01/07/23)

Price for the term (from 4 to 8 years old): £250/child.
Price for the term (from 8 to 11 years old): £275/child.

Make your choice!

Is your child between 4 and 8 years old?

Is your child between 8 and 11 years old?


The children’s programme will focus on acceptance, caring and expression. The exercises will allow your children to work on their emotions and energy, and the goal is to find the balance between control and letting go.


This course is very beneficial as it will allow your children to reveal their physical and oral expression, self-confidence, creativity and dare to play the unpredictable characters that lie within them.


A child is full of energy and creativity! Drama classes are ideal for expressing them uninhibitedly and with fun through improvisation techniques!


Theatre classes are the ideal place to express yourself and discover your range of emotions! Without judgement and with kindness, we dare to cry, to laugh, to be afraid… a real freedom valve! 

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