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How can you control your emotions?

When we are in a situation, we react according to our emotions and sometimes the result is not very glorious?

So how do you regain control?


Define and identify your emotion:

To control your emotion, you have to know how to define and identify it!
To define it, I invite you to read the article “What is an emotion“.
And from there, we can identify it, i.e. put a precise word on the emotion we feel.
If, for example, you are angry, what anger exactly?
Is it aggressiveness in which case your emotion will turn towards a specific person involving physical gestures and intimidation.
Or is it exasperation, in which case you will feel intense irritation and you will be able to express it through your voice and body language.

You see the importance of properly identifying it.

From there, we can focus on what triggers our emotions?

Points of sensitivity :

What is it that makes me sad? Happy?
What scares me? Why am I angry?
Several answers are possible.
Why do I have points because when you press one or more of them, it triggers a reaction, i.e. an emotion in you.
By answering these questions you will be able to identify them.

What is the purpose of this?
1) To get to know you.
2) To anticipate according to the situation.

This is how we arrive at our final stage: being in tune with ourselves.

Being in tune with yourself.

We are not robots, our points of sensitivity can be more or less reactive to our energy. If you are tired, you might get angry more easily. If you have experienced specific moments, certain emotions will be easier to activate.
So it is important to take your internal temperature with a very simple question: How am I doing today?

In this way you will identify your needs, adapt them to your day and control your emotions.
That is to say: Do I let them express themselves or, on the contrary, protect your points of sensitivity so that you are not impacted by the external situation.

The choice is yours, you are in control!

Whatever your choice, I insist on two points:
1) An emotion is neither good nor bad, so accepted there with benevolence.
2) Protecting our sensitivity buttons does not mean inhibiting our emotion but accepting what we feel, listening and talking to each other calmly. Time is our best ally so feel free to take the necessary step back in certain situations.

I hope this article will help you in your everyday life!
Now that you know everything, don’t hesitate to take our little “knowledge test” quiz below!