Cinema workshops Act’ion for teens and adults.

The new cinema workshops will open soon! These workshops are dedicated to passionate people but also to people who wish to become seasoned professionals !

Four programms to discover the wonderful univers of Cinema, dare with Act’in Theatre!

The writing workshop for beginners is a great opportunity to write a scenario for a short movie with your ideas and your creativity.

Then, the scenario will be used by the filmmaking workshop for beginners. Lights, sound, camera, storyboard… with the help of Act’in Theatre, the students will use theirs knowledges and talents to shoot their first short movie.

A shooting can’t do it without actors! The acting workshop for beginners is an excellent opportunity to act with the camera! Understand the camera contraints, see your acting on the screen, the organisation of the shooting, … well… ACTION!

Here! Got it! What do we do now? Edit! The editing workshop for beginners will be the end point of this fantastic adventure : cluster all the sequences of the movie and edit the short movie!

Result: a short movie make by a passionnate community with a friendly atmosphere!

To celebrate this adventure, Act’in Theatre will plan a special event to project the short movie in the studio with an audience and all the movie team ! Are you in?

Contact us if you have any questions on the new programm.


  • writing for beginners,
  • filmmaking for beginners,
  • acting for beginners,
  • editing for beginners.

You can apply for one or several programms !


You don’t need to have particular experience to participate at the cinema workshop.

For the EDITING workshop for beginners, it is absolutely required that the student have get his own laptop with After Effects CC & Premiere Pro.