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Drama workshop in French and English in London

Act’in Theatre offers drama courses for all ages and for everyone.

The aim of the Act’in Theatre course is to learn or improve theatre in a friendly and instructive atmosphere.

These drama courses are dedicated to people who are passionate about theatre as well as to people who want to make their first experience in theatre. Have you never dared to do drama before? Do you want to develop yourself personally? Then dare! In the Act’in Theatre courses, no one will judge you.

You will have the opportunity to practice different theatre exercises in a relaxed way. Work on your posture, your voice placement, your character etc…

The drama courses run from September to June. Act’in Theatre presents a public performance at the end of the season for participants who want to experience the stage with us!

Don't forget...

Theatre is for everyone! 

Drama and theatre are for everyone, whatever your age and experience.

It is also an activity for yourself, where you listen to yourself and accept yourself completely. Give yourself a few hours a week, you are worth it.

Still not convinced?

Come and try a session and make your own opinion! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information 😉

Two drama programmes are offered

Drama workshop for adults

In English and French.

The adult programme will focus on acceptance, relaxation and self-centredness. The exercises will help to tame emotions.

Drama workshop for children

In French.

One-hour classes in small groups (no more than 10 children per group) where children can express their creativity!

Act'in also offers improvisation workshops!

Improvisation workshops

Expression and creativity, the key word!

We all have a touch of madness in us. Let’s stop restricting our imagination and our expression, let’s fully assume our ideas and our creativity by expressing them on stage with other improvisers!