Drama workshop in French and English in London.

Act’in is doing drama workshops in English and French for everyone.

The purpose is to evolve in the theatrical environment in a friendly and instructive atmosphere.

These drama workshops are dedicated to passionate people and also to people who wants to do their first theatrical experience. You didn’t dare to do theatre previously ? You wish to develop yourself personally ? Dare ! In Act’in Theatre, nobody will judge you.

You will have the opportunity to practice different drama exercices in all relaxation. Work on your position, your voice, your character…

Drama workshops begin in September 2020 and the end it’s in July 2021. Act’in Theatre presents a public show at the end of the year for the participants who want to do the experience of the stage with the Entre Act’ drama workshop.

Don't forget...

Theatre is for everyone! 

Moreover, it’s an activity for oneself, where you listen on yourself and where you accept yourself. Take some hours per week, because you are well worth it !

Still not convince? Come to join us during one course to make your own opinion! Feel free to contact us for more details 😉


Act'in has 2 drama workshops

Drama workshop

Drama workshop for adults in English and French

Program for adults will focus on acceptance, relaxation, and centering on oneself. Exercises will allow you to work on your own feelings. The aim’s to learn to tame and to reuse your own feelings.

Drama training

Drama training for teens and adults. In French

To do a theatrical training is the promise to live an intensive experience.

Life in-group will give at every member an amazing dynamism!

Atelier Act'in is doing an improvisation workshop as well!

Improvisation workshop

Expression and creativity, the keyword !

We have all a point of madness which sleep on us. Stop to curb our imagination and our expression, let us accept our ideas, our creativity in expressing them on stage with other improvisers during the improvisation workshop!