Their story

The Gueules de Bois adventure begins in September 2019, 4 years after the creation of Act’in Theatre.

Having completed the full curriculum of our company, the students of the troupe, have decided to surpass themselves! To do so, we have created the troupe Les Gueules de Bois!

Why the name "Les Gueules de Bois"?


    Masks are THE symbol of Theatre. They are facial expressions that represent acting. In fact, these masks have “faces” so this is our little wink. 🙂


  • ‘WOOD’:

    The wood …. of the stage boards of course! It reminds us of the boards but also of our all-wooden studio. Raw material that evolves over time, like our actors!
    Well… we’re not going to hide… our workshops/rehearsals always start with a little drink too!
    And yes! We love to get together every week for our rehearsals! So before ‘working’ we share a moment together and have a drink. So this also symbolizes the conviviality in our troupe! 🙂 (‘Gueule de bois’ which means having a hangover).

That’s the secret of the Gueules de Bois!

When to see the troupe?

In order to get together, we have created the Entre Act’ format which takes place every 5/6 weeks in London in an intimate location.

Entre Act’ is a special two act format.

First act is a small theatre show. The troupe Les Gueules de Bois selects playlets from theatre or film which they assemble and perform in a light-hearted way in an intimate and minimalist setting.

Second act is an improvisation cabaret with the troupe Les Improzacs! What could be more fun than improvising, sharing and above all surprising yourself!

So don’t hesitate to follow our calendar of SHOWS

Our next shows:

  • BILINGUAL SHOW, Friday 10th June, time TBC, venue TBC, ticket office opens very soon.


  • French tour September 2022

See all our show dates…

Les Gueules de Bois (fond noir et masque blanc)

Need information?

Do you want to know more about the groupe?

Do not hesitate to contact Candice directly by email at, she will be happy to answer all your questions!

Or leave us a message via our contact form!

The Gueules de Bois team


Date of integration into the group: September 2021

Our working girl!
At ease in all situations, extreme characters do not scare her!
New to the troupe, her dedication to the Gueules de Bois is flawless!


Date of integration into the groupe: September 2017

Ch’ti guy and world champion of lifting little fingers !


Date of integration into the groupe: January 2016

Playing characters with specific verbal locations to certain social classes or regions is her sweet sin. Her name is Clara and she is a watermelon.


Date of integration into the groupe: January 2018

Latest addition to the troupe, she likes to make atypical characters with a little grain of madness!⁠⠀


Date of integration into the groupe: September 2021

Description :
Like a knight on his scooter swapping his sword for a pancake, here is Etienne!
A surprising and endearing character who is always trying to surpass himself through characters that he works on with great care.


Date of integration into the groupe: January 2018

A teaspoon of humour (very personal), a dose of broken heart or any kind of cold shoulder, sprinkle with a swig of local wine, season with a handful of magic herbs: the original recipe for a complexed but generous Kicki.


Date of integration into the groupe: September 2021

New in the troop, he passed the “stages” of the level 1 and 2 courses with flying colours!
His commitment, his team spirit and his solidarity are strong qualities of the Gueules de Bois!


Date of integration into the group: January 2022

Passionate about the art and power of acting, with a particular curiosity in the mystery and complexity of every life, every story, every person.