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The differences between a drama and improvisation class.

Signing up for a drama or improvisation class is not trivial.

The best choice will be the one that matches your personality and your goals!

Can you answer this question: are you theatrical or improviser?

Here are some explanations to help you:

The “theatrical” profile:

It is a person who seeks to :

  • Control its stress.
  • Discover and regulate its emotions.
  • Play a character without restraint through a script.
  • Develop its self-confidence in speaking.
  • etc…

The goal of theatre practice is to step out of your comfort zone and discover parts of your personality that you have never dared to express before.

Theatre is extremely intimate, even psychological because it is your personality, your experience and your creativity that will be the basis of your acting.

It is a discipline that requires you to let go, but also to control your emotions and your body in order to be able to play a character.

Beyond that, a theatre class is also a moment of relaxation and sharing with the rest of the troop.

The “improviser” profile:

This is a person who seeks to:

  • Enjoy.
  • Relax.
  • Enjoy its creativity.
  • Develop spontaneity.

Unlike a theatre class, an improv class is going to be more “superficial”.

Indeed, we are not going to work deeply on the emotions and the characters.

For example, an old lady in the theatre, can be very dignified, have a diction, a particular gesture, a personality, and a past which belongs only to her. In the theatre, we have time to work on that, not in improvisation.

For this discipline, the jousters flirt with clichés because the spectators and the members of their troop must be able to understand who they are in a few seconds.

The pressure of time is the difficulty and is also the specificity of improvisation!

It encourages us to always create, reinvent, be spontaneous and not have time to doubt.

So, improvisation takes a lot of energy but also a flawless team spirit.

As you have noticed, theatre and improvisation are two very distinct but also complementary disciplines. Indeed, it is possible to do a little improvisation during a theatre class and vice versa.

Now you can take our quiz below to determine your profile *: Theatrical or Improvisator?

* A profile is not fixed, today you can have a theatrical profile and in two years an improviser. Do not lock yourself in a box and respect your natural artistic development.

If you have between 0 and 3: you are an improviser!

You are versatile, have a great ability to adapt and listen to others with whom you work with. Sensitivity and creativity are of course essential qualities for you. You are therefore made for improvisation, do not hesitate to register for one of our improvisation courses!

If you have between 4 and 7: you are theatrical!

You are rigorous, serious, and persevering and, above all, passionate. Through your interpretation, you transport the spectator into a story, another universe. You are made for the theater, do not hesitate to register for one of our theater courses!