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Their story

The IMPROZAC adventure began in September 2016, one year after the creation of Act’in Theatre.

When we are improvisers, we have no text, no character, no props… nothing on stage! Except… a team! That’s why it seemed obvious to us to create our troupe as soon as we started the workshop!

Why the name "IMPROZAC"?

One summer day, on our beautiful terrace in London, after a workshop, we were sharing a drink… or two, in short, it remains a detail!
We were looking for a name that would reflect our joie de vivre and our good mood!

After a thousand and one proposals, Improzac became an obvious choice. With the slogan: “If you’re depressed, take one prozac = IMPROZAC”.

This name is like a remedy for routine, for the worries of everyday life!
With IMPROZAC, enter a world of tolerance and benevolence, but above all a world that is surprising, innovative and full of surprises! A real breath of fresh air!

When to see the troupe?

To make it easier to meet up, we have created the Entre Act’ format which takes place every 5/6 weeks in London in an intimate venue.

Entre Act’ is a special two act format.
First act is a small theatre show. The troupe Les Gueules de Bois selects playlets from theatre or film which they assemble and perform in a light-hearted way in an intimate and minimalist setting.

Second act is an improvisation cabaret with the troupe Les Improzac! What could be more fun than improvising, sharing and above all surprising yourself!

So don’t hesitate to follow our calendar of SHOWS.

Upcoming shows:


Need information?

Do you want to know more about the groupe?

Do not hesitate to contact Candice directly by email at, she will be happy to answer all your questions!

Or leave us a message via our contact form!

The Improzac team




Controlling space and time, Tristan sets the improv rythm! Jumping, rolling & even exploding, he gives his all in the craziest sketches for our greatest pleasure!

Shows with Act'in Theatre

Joining date: January 2017




With ideas in his head and characters to scratch, Charles joins the troupe that plays like a brass band. It's loud, it's uncompromising and sometimes it's dizzying!

Shows with Act'in Theatre

Joining date: February 2022




Incredible beauty consultant! Blogger, embittered character or committed secretary, Meryl juggles between her characters in all simplicity to bring her touch to each improvisation!

Shows with Act'in Theatre

Joining date: January 2019




He is THE voice of Improzac! The master of simplicity and efficiency in improvisations. Singer, martial artist, cowboy, unpredictable improviser with voice changes and accents,...he's where you don't expect him & he's "H24" on top!

Shows with Act'in Theatre

Joining date: September 2016




Passionate and dynamic, Lise is the troupe's new ball of energy! Whether she's Father Christmas, an apprentice doctor or an annoying boss, she's always there to surprise. And don't let her small size fool you, she knows how to take up space!

Shows with Act'in Theatre

Joining date: September 2023




The Ch'Nord touch of the troupe! Cancan plays it "So French" through powerful and delirious characters! Dancing, jumping and improvising with energy, good humour and always with fun!

Shows with Act'in Theatre

Joining date: September 2016




Ingrid is a quiet force, but more quiet than force. Taking to the stage with an arm in plaster for her very first show, Ingrid is not afraid of a challenge. On the contrary, she loves extreme, unexpected situations and thrills. Her motto: don't be wary of the way others look at you, because the others are you!

Shows with Act'in Theatre

Joining date: September 2023