Filmmaking for beginners in English

The Filmmking workshop for beginners is a wonderful opportunity to shoot your own short movie with Act’in Team in a frindly atmosphere. We will give you the scenario, we will provide you with the necessary film equipment for the filming. In short, everything for you to make a superb short film.Understand and adapt your shooting of the camera, storyboard, lights, sound, organisation of a shooting… We will give you all to improve your skills and your creativity to product an amazing movie. During the courses, you will be guided and helped to develop your knowledges to product a great video.

During this workshop, we will cover…

You will have the opportunity to :

  • Understand the use of the camera, light, sound …
  • Work on a script that we will give you.
  • Use all equipment to increase your abilities on a shooting.

Our purpose will be to:

  • To make you understand the use of equipment.
  • Understand the organisation of a shoot.
  • Adapt the techniques with creativity in the constraints of shooting.

Points discussed during the year :

  • Camera operation: learn to use it.
  • Shooting: capture different angles, and learn how to use them effectively in scenes
  • Narrative: learn visual storytelling techniques and how to storyboard a film
  • Lighting: explore different lighting techniques and how to use them when shooting
  • Recording sound.
  • Equipment: use it and be efficient with it.

The prerequisite to participate at the workshop Filmmaking:

You don’t need to have particular experience to participate at the Filmmaking workshop for adults.
It is necessary to be or to be more 18 years old.
The students will commit on some constancy. In fact, filmmaking a short movie is a group adventure. In order to facilitate the cohesion of the group, the integration of different students and to improve correctly your skills, thank you to minimize your absences.


  • Day: Thursday
  • Hours: 10am-noon & 1pm-5pm
  • 2 sessions of 2 hours + 2 sessions of 4 hours. ( total: 12 hours)
  • Students par group: 4 max.
  • Locations: Studio 5, Old Paradise Yard 20 Carlisle Lane, London SE1 7LG + TBC
  • Price: £300/person.

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Enrolments for September 2019 are opening in June 2019.
You can apply for one or several programs if you wish! (other programs: Writng, Acting and Editing)
If you have any questions, please contact us:

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