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Franciska Schmoll

Drama & Improvisation teacher.

Meet Franciska, the spirited acting and drama teacher who’s made the leap from Australia to London to share her love for performance! Franciska brings her infectious energy to every class, infusing it with creativity and enthusiasm. Her journey into the world of performance began with her exploration of various dance forms, setting her on a path of discovery. Along the way, she delved into the Meisner technique, physical theatre, clowning, and stage combat, refining her craft and deepening her understanding of acting.
Since then, Franciska has earned her Bachelor of Creative Industries in Drama & Interdisciplinary Studies at QUT and continued to pursue various theatrical endeavors, from clowning to stage combat. Franciska shines on stage with both Sprout Improv and the Parentheticals improv troupes, bringing laughter and joy to audiences. With Franciska, learning becomes an engaging journey of self-discovery, where students are encouraged to embrace their creativity and find their inner performer.

Contact Franciska

Tel: 074 3747 3116