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IMPROVISATION, Wednesday 12th July, 7:00-9:00, in English

SPOTLIGHT: Improvisation discovery workshop

Programme: Improvisation discovery workshop
Time: 7:00-9:00 pm
Date: Wednesday 12 July 2022
Address: Studio 5, Old Paradise Yard. 20 Carlisle lane, SE1 7LG London (Waterloo Station, Westminster Station or Lambeth North Station)
Language: English
Level: 1 (start improv with us!)
Teacher: Fran
Registration: 1 session
Price: £35/person


We have all a point of madness that slumbers in us. Let us stop restraining our imagination and our expression, let us assume totally our ideas and our creativity by expressing them on stage with other improvisers!


Furthermore, you will teach it to stimulate your imagination, you will see the rules of the match of improvisation and the various themes there.


This course, always in the good mood and in the optics of the looseness and to indulge itself, will allow you to learn the techniques of improvisations.


This course is beneficial for all, because he will allow you to reveal your self-expression through movement and oral, the self-confidence, your creativity and to reveal the unpredictable characters who slumber in you.

2 hours per week of expression, stimulation and 100% madness… Here we go!

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