Workshop of Drama and Cinema in London !

What is Act’in Theatre ?

Act’in Theatre created by Candice Desmet, proposes drama and cinema workshops for everyone in London.

The purpose is to offer you a freedom space whatever your age, your career and your theatrical and cinematographic experience. Act’in allows you to work on your corporal expressions, feelings and your ease on stage in all relax.

To apply to Act’in will allow you to practice different exercices in a friendly and instructive atmosphere. Drama and Cinema Workshops are dedicated to passionate people but also to people who want to do their first experience.

Learn to the Theatre and Cinema Art in all ease and relaxation ! Candice Desmet will guide you step by step in this activity 100% pleasure.

What's on


The enrolments for the second term are open!

Drama, improvisation and cinema workshops …. make your choice and join us for 2019!

Dare with us!

New cinema workshop with Act’in
Cinema Term 

4 workshops : Writing, filmmaker, acting and editing … all is there to do a wonderfull video !
Alongside the warm-hearted actress Candice Desmet, learn the cinematographic techniques, play with the camera and let your creativity express itself!
All informations soon

Cinema workshop special YOUTUBE:

Are you looking for the best gift for Christmas? Here we go!

Saturday 26th of January 2019, come to act in our cinema workshop special YOUTUBE and bring out the actor inside you!

Four hours of discovering, shooting and acting! At the end, you will have your own video!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us and offer a wonderful gift for Christmas!

Taster drama workshop:

In add , 13rd of January 2019, come to act in our taster drama workshop!

Two hours of discovering and reveal yourself in English acting workshop.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us!

Drama workshop

Entre Act’: drama workshop in English and French in London

A drama workshop can be a real freedom valve and Act’in Theatre commits to offer you the necessary means for your personal development. Entre Act’ drama workshop focuses on the relaxation, acceptance and centring on yourself.

Entre’act is doing 2 workshops regarding your language: English or French.

Improvisation workshop

The keywords: Expression and creativity!

We have all a point of madness which sleep on us. Stop to curb our imagination and our expression, let us accept our ideas, our creativity in expressing them on stage with other improvisers during the improvisation workshop!

Cinema workshop

Atelier Théâtre Act’in is doing 4 Cinema workshops : Writing, filmmaker, acting and editing, in order to make it accessible this amazing world combining creativity and technicality. Indeed, the purpose is to evolve, to learn and to develop their skills in a friendly and instructive atmosphere.

These Cinema workshops are dedicated to passionate people but also to people who wish to become seasoned professionals !

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Private Coaching

NEW! Candice Desmet provides sessions of individual private coaching

This private coaching is made to help you to break some barriers and work on your ease. During two hours, Candice offers you her professional techniques of theatre and in adapting at your need.

Act'in Team

Candice Desmet

Director of Act’in Theatre / Actress

Alix Ruyant

Assistant manager & communication officer

Aurelia Samillon

Marketing officer

Laura Hily

Filmaker & digital designer

Gael Hoffmann

Sound Engineer & Sound Designer

Gaelle Desmet

Props master and stage designer

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