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Bring out the creative You

The one key to unlocking your creativity

You believe you’re not creative. As a Drama Teacher, I hear this statement all the time amongst my students: “I’m not a creative person”. I’ve always thought that it wasn’t true, no matter who the person is. Here’s why.

Where is that statement “I’m not creative” taking you? How can we challenge that statement so that it becomes a starting point and not an end in itself?

The first question to ask yourself is why do you believe you’re not creative? Have you had bad experiences in the past and someone told you that what you created wasn’t good enough? Have you heard others say “you’re not a creative person”? Do you believe that creativity is only linked to the arts?

Creativity is something we all have because it has to do with our ability to find new ways of doing things. It’s about self-expression, and as long as you’re breathing, you have the capacity to express your voice.

As children, we do this almost every minute of the day: its the moment of our lives during which we are the most creative because we don’t overthink things and we just go with the flow. We live in the moment. But when we grow up, we get told that we are not enough and that things have to be done a certain way or they’re not right. But is that really normal? Is that the way things should actually be?

Get rid of your own judgment

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